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Kentuckians caring for relatives' children don't get foster pay

Nine percent of children in Kentucky are being raised by relatives other than their parents -- often by grandparents who are living on fixed incomes. That's more than double the nationwide rate. Part of the reason is that Kentucky has more parents in prison than nearly any other state.

Smart uses for your spousal support payments

Receiving spousal support payments is one of the most important parts of getting divorced. Many who receive these payments are under the impression that they will last forever. These payments are viewed as rehabilitative, which means they will come to an end at a specific date, usually once the recipient acquires new employment to help sustain themselves. Let's take a look at some smart uses for your spousal support payments.

How to choose a power of attorney in Kentucky

Choosing a power of attorney is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your estate. This is not something that should be done quickly or glazed over because you are putting your estate in someone else's hands. This person will be making decisions on your behalf should you become incapacitated or when you pass away. Here are some tips for choosing your power of attorney.

Explaining how child support payments can be used

One of the most difficult things you can endure in life is fighting for the custody of your children. This can become a very heated, lengthy battle that seems unending. Once the judge issues a ruling as to who will have custody, or if joint custody is the ruling, you will need to follow the agreement to the letter. One part of such an agreement is how much child support will be paid to you by the noncustodial parent. Here's what you can do with those payments in Kentucky.

Making child custody exchanges less stressful for all involved

When it comes to exchanging custody of your children, whether you were ever married or not, things can get quite tense. You likely do not get along with the other parent. If this is the case, custody exchanges can be filled with anger, regret and other powerful emotions.

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