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At Barber Law, we are not an ordinary law firm. We are here for clients in a way that many attorneys and law firms are not. Our clients can expect more from us. We offer all clients a high level of personal and professional attention, no matter how we assist them. When you are faced with uncertainty, you need counsel and assurance about how to move forward. Whether your matter is straightforward or relatively complex, our attention to detail will never waver.

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Who We Serve

We represent clients who may have hoped they'd never need a lawyer. Few of our clients are comfortable thinking of themselves as victims, and fewer still were "victims of an accident." As most of us recognize, when people are harmed — whether because someone just had to text while driving, endangered others using the road because their own poor planning made them late, or chose to order another drink instead of a ride — it's rarely the result of an accident, but someone's violation of safety rules. These matters are often serious in terms of both health and finances. We help protect clients from paying the price for someone else's unnecessarily dangerous conduct. Enforcing safety rules in our communities makes all of us safer.

What We Do

At Barber Law, we offer comprehensive legal services to our clientele. Our work includes personal injury, medical malpractice, civil litigation, divorce, child custody, business law and criminal defense. Our focus is on getting a just result effectively and efficiently. When we help clients in other legal matters, the same objectives apply: fairness and responsibility. We help protect our clients' rights to get fair results and protect them so that no one takes advantage of them. Our clients are good people who need a skilled advocate to help them navigate a way through tough legal challenges. You don't have to face the obstacles alone. We are here for you.

Whatever legal challenge you are facing, give us a call at 502-694-4856 to find out about our unique approach to resolving matters. From our office in Louisville, we serve clients throughout Kentucky.

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