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How to gather information after a vehicle wreck

When two cars collide, it can result in disaster. At best, the people involved disrupt public utilities, such as one recent example in Kentucky where a crash resulted in damage to a Symsonia gas line. At worst, these collisions can result in serious injuries or death. 

Provided you have not become incapacitated, you need to collect evidence at the scene of the wreck. Insurance cases are not always straightforward, and there is a possibility you will need to go to court to get compensation. Protect your case by doing the following if you ever become involved in a car wreck

Kentuckians caring for relatives' children don't get foster pay

Nine percent of children in Kentucky are being raised by relatives other than their parents -- often by grandparents who are living on fixed incomes. That's more than double the nationwide rate. Part of the reason is that Kentucky has more parents in prison than nearly any other state.

Over 15,000 Kentucky children have been placed in a relative's care by the state. However, in most cases, the living arrangements aren't codified by any court order or legal agreement.

What's the job of a parenting coordinator?

Often, couples who go through high-conflict divorces have a difficult time co-parenting their children. Their personal disputes often spill over into disagreements about parenting -- even when you have a detailed child custody agreement and parenting plan in place.

Parenting coordinators can help parents resolve disputes and work together to focus on what's best for their children. By working with a parenting coordinator, couples can often resolve their disagreements without having to return to court. These professionals can also give parents the tools they need to work out problems on their own in the future and to better communicate with one another.

How can you ensure your co-parent's sobriety over the holidays?

If you have a co-parent who's in recovery and seems to have put their problems with alcohol behind them, you likely have begun to trust that your kids are safe with them. However, with the holiday season fast approaching, you may have renewed concerns about unsupervised visits.

The holidays can be difficult for people in recovery. It's not just that every social event seems to involve alcohol, and liquor is featured prominently and glamorously in television and print ads. When people are lonely and depressed, as many divorced parents are during the holidays, the chance of relapse is very real.

The negative impact of parental divorce doesn't end in childhood

Conscientious divorcing parents are aware of the potential negative impact of their break-up on their children and work to minimize it. They look for all the warning signs of anxiety, stress and behavioral issues.

However, as children grow into adolescents and adults, the residual effects of parental divorce can continue to impact their lives, relationships and potential for success. Following are a few examples:

What to do if someone causes your injury

An injury can occur when you least expect it. You may simply be walking through a parking lot or shopping for your groceries when you suddenly slip and fall, landing yourself in the hospital with a broken bone or other injuries.

Some injuries are preventable. For example, when a property owner does not follow the necessary steps and procedures to keep his or her property safe for those who use it, negligence may be a factor in your injury. The same applies to an impaired driver who causes a car crash. If you suffer an injury and believe someone else is at fault, you should know what steps to take if you wish to seek compensation for your injuries.

Kentucky Supreme Court: Louisville condo development can proceed

This month, the Kentucky Supreme Court said that it will not hear a long-disputed case involving a proposed condominium development in the Highlands area of Louisville. The case involved plans for a 15-story, 24-unit condominium in the upscale Cherokee Triangle area of the city overlooking Cherokee Park. Construction can now proceed.

Other property owners in the area, including the Cherokee Triangle Association, filed lawsuits against Kevin Cogan over his proposed Willow Grande development. They argued that the building, which will be the tallest in the area, will be detrimental to Cherokee Triangle's historic charm.

Are you concerned that your co-parent could kidnap your children?

Even in contentious divorces and child custody battles, most people don't believe their co-parent would take the extreme step of abducting their children. However, parental child abductions are more common than you might think. According to a report by the Polly Klaas Foundation, some three-quarters of missing child cases involve abduction by a relative -- and that relative is usually a parent.

Often, parents will take children across state lines. In some cases, however, they take them to another country where it may be more difficult to retrieve them from.

New Kentucky law helps promote shared parenting

This April, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed a law passed earlier this year by state legislators that makes shared custody for divorced parents the norm. Under the law, which took effect last month, assuming that both parents are deemed to be fit, they will have the opportunity for equal time with their children and an equal role in making decisions that impact their children's lives.

The law presumes "that joint custody and equally shared parenting time is in the best interest of the child…." It also requires family law judges "to consider the motivation of adults involved when determining the best interest of the child for custody orders…[and] to allow a parent not granted custody or shared parenting time to petition for reasonable visitation rights."

Smart uses for your spousal support payments

Receiving spousal support payments is one of the most important parts of getting divorced. Many who receive these payments are under the impression that they will last forever. These payments are viewed as rehabilitative, which means they will come to an end at a specific date, usually once the recipient acquires new employment to help sustain themselves. Let's take a look at some smart uses for your spousal support payments.

First and foremost, it's important for you to have a place to live. Use these payments to make a security deposit on an apartment, pay the monthly rent, book a hotel room or even pay the mortgage. No matter your living situation, it's important that these payments are earmarked for shelter above anything else.

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