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Damage to the spinal cord has many effects

Motor vehicle accidents can lead to many types of injuries, including ones to the spinal cord. When you are facing this type of injury, you have to know some basic information about them. Not all spinal cord injuries are the same. The location and the type of injury both have an impact on what effects you will have to deal with.

The location is important because the area of the body that is affected by it will always be lower than the spot of the spine that suffered the injury. This means that injuries to the neck will produce more widespread problems than one to the lower back.

Details matter in child custody agreements

Child custody is something that needs to be considered carefully during a divorce. When you are going through this, make sure that you are taking the child's needs into account. This isn't always easy because the needs of children change. You should think about each decision will impact them now since the agreement can be changed as time progresses. We know that you might have questions about what is possible, and we are here to help you through this.

When you are trying to come to an agreement about your children, you need to see if you can work with your ex. The more you and the other parent can agree on, the better the children are going to fare. The goal is to help provide them with a stable life that gives them opportunities. We know that it might not be easy to think about the terms of child-sharing, but trying to make the best of it can help reduce your stress.

Were you the victim of inadequate security?

When you plan an evening of shopping, entertainment or dining in Louisville, you expect to have a good time. You probably do not think you have to worry about your personal safety. After all, shops, theaters and restaurants have a duty to keep you safe. 

Unfortunately, robberies and assaults are not uncommon in Louisville. If someone injures you when you are at a commercial property, you may be able to pursue compensation from the business’s owner or others associated with the company. To do so, though, you likely must prove that your injury was both foreseeable and preventable. 

Beware of concussion symptoms after an accident

Concussions are the result of a hit to the head or a severe jarring of the head. This is a minor traumatic brain injury, but that classification might give people a false sense of security if they are suffering from one. Anyone who was involved in something that might lead to a concussion should vigilantly watch for symptoms that signal a concussion.

Unfortunately, spotting a concussion isn't going to always be easy. These might not show up right away. It is common for them to come on days after the accident. They might even persist for a long time, such as multiple weeks or longer.

Parenting plans and smooth transitions can help children

Parenting your children after a divorce can be challenging. Essentially, you are going to be a part-time single parent. The good news is that you will have downtime when your ex has the kids. This is a good time for you to work on matters with yourself and to relax so that you are refreshed and ready to go when the kids come back home.

We know that you might not relish the idea of having alone time, but it is important for the kids to have time with the other parent. In fact, it is a good idea for you to take the time to encourage the children to build a meaningful relationship with your ex. Hopefully, your ex does the same for you.

Try to work out child custody terms as early as possible

Child custody matters have to be handled seriously or the children can suffer. We know that this is a trying time for you so we want you to know what options you have for handling these matters. The most important thing for you to do is to remember that the focus is on the children. You can't think about how decisions will impact you or your ex.

One area that is often difficult to think about is the parenting schedule. This can be a challenge because both parents need to have quality time to spend with the children, but they also need to work. This can present a conundrum, but by working as a team, you and your ex should be able to figure out a plan.

What traits can make people more likely to be bitten by a dog?

Most anyone who has a dog will tell you that their beloved pooch knows when they're sad and is there to comfort them and also picks up on their fear and nervousness. Dogs are great at sensing all sorts of cues about how people are feeling.

It shouldn't be surprising then that one study found that people who are generally anxious and insecure are more likely to be bitten by a dog. The study, conducted by researchers at England's University of Liverpool, surveyed people in the town of Cheshire about their experience with dog bites. Part of the survey included giving respondents a brief personality test.

4 things to do if you fall at a shopping center

Spending an afternoon at one of Louisville’s shopping malls is an excellent way to get through cold winter months. Not only can you get some exercise walking between stores, but you may also find a bargain. You should not, however, have to worry about your personal safety. After all, shopping center owners have a duty to provide a safe place for you to visit. 

If you slip and fall at the mall, you may need to act quickly to recover from your injuries and assert your legal rights. How you behave during and after the incident, though, may affect your ability to receive compensation from the shopping center’s owner. Here are four things you should do if you fall at a mall in the Louisville area: 

Minimizing conflict in your co-parenting relationship

No co-parenting relationship should have nearly constant conflict. However, many people who go through high-conflict divorces find that their co-parenting relationships get off to rocky starts.

Other separated or divorced couples may have amicable, positive co-parenting relationships — until something changes. Perhaps a new significant other enters the picture or one of the kids goes through a difficult period. This can cause considerable conflict.

Be wary of emergency room errors: They happen all too often

Emergency rooms are hectic, crowded places -- and doctors have to think on their feet, often after working long hours under strenuous conditions.

It turns out that might be a recipe for disaster more often than people realize. An estimated 250,000 people every year die from medical mistakes -- and untold numbers are injured. Anybody who finds themselves in an emergency room is always well-advised to take some basic precautions to avoid becoming part of those statistics, like:

  • Carrying a list of medications and dosages
  • Having a complete list of medical conditions and medical history, including surgeries
  • Keeping a primary care physician's name and number on hand
  • Taking a friend or relative with them to the emergency room, when possible, to help watch for issues and act as an advocate
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