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Month: November 2020

How mediation may help a divorcing couple

The divorce process in Kentucky may require two spouses to interact with each other much longer than expected. The Bluegrass State's equitable distribution laws require a fair division of marital property, which means spouses may need to devote time to negotiating...

Is your co-parent capable of abducting your child?

While most divorced parents don't resort to kidnapping their children, it can happen. Over 200,000 children are abducted by family members every year. Parental kidnapping can happen for any number of reasons. Sometimes a parent will do it because they feel like...

3 common injuries from a fall

There is always a risk of injury from a fall, and some fall injuries can be severe. You may be at greater risk for a serious fall injury depending on your age and the height and direction from which you fall. Certain injuries are more likely from falls than others....

What type of information is included in ‘discovery?’

If you're involved in a civil lawsuit, you'll likely hear the term "discovery." You may know vaguely what it is from having watched legal-themed TV shows. It applies to criminal as well as civil cases. In essence, it's the disclosure of all relevant information to the...