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Month: October 2020

How to minimize the negative impact of divorce on your kids

If you're a parent considering divorce, one of your top priorities – if not the top one – is how it will affect your children. Some children are indeed negatively impacted by their parents' divorce, sometimes well into adulthood. However, many negative impacts are...

Changes to your divorce decree

When a judge issues a divorce decree ending your marriage to your spouse, the intent is for that order to be permanent. Nevertheless, life circumstances can change, making it difficult, if not impossible to live up to the obligations your divorce decree imposes on...

How can I avoid dog bites?

When dog owners are responsible, they enjoy constant companionship and affection. When dog owners are negligent, they put others at risk in the event their pet lashes out. According to Healthline, a serious dog bite can cause nerve damage, bacterial infection, bone...

Are you prepared to give a deposition?

Whether you're a plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit or other legal case (or perhaps simply have relevant information), you can be subpoenaed to provide a deposition. If your only familiarity with depositions is what you've seen on TV, it's essential to understand...