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Month: October 2019

3 steps to take after a dog bite

During the crisp autumn months, you may love to leave home for an evening walk or a morning jog. While you must contend with traffic and other pedestrians, you may not worry much about your personal safety. Of course, if you encounter an untrained dog, you may sustain...

Drunk driving risks in Kentucky

Most people in Kentucky are aware that driving after drinking too much is not wise, yet sadly many residents still do this. Despite a plethora of public awareness and educational campaigns and strong laws, there continue to be a rash of senseless accidents caused by...

Is paid family leave in the future for the U.S.?

Finding out you are pregnant can be a wonderful thing for your family. It is a joyous time where you get to plan to bring a new life into this world. However, if you work, you may start to worry about your finances as it nears time to deliver your baby. Unless your...

How does the civil court system work?

The legal system in the U.S. has two parts. There is a criminal part and the civil part. You probably understand the criminal justice system because it handles crimes, including misdemeanors and felonies. Things such as a traffic ticket also fall into the Kentucky...

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