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Smart uses for your spousal support payments

Receiving spousal support payments is one of the most important parts of getting divorced. Many who receive these payments are under the impression that they will last forever. These payments are viewed as rehabilitative, which means they will come to an end at a...

Figuring out negligence in a personal injury case

Obtaining legal compensation can play a major role in setting off the losses you suffer due to your injuries. However, to succeed in your claim, you will need to prove all the elements of your case, including negligence. While negligence is a common term many people...

How to prevent toxic exposure in Louisville

Toxic exposure is a dangerous situation that thousands of people find themselves in each year. This issue can crop up at home, at school, at work, in stores, restaurants and any other place that has chemicals on their premises. You need to do everything possible to...

How can I make shared custody work?

The discussion of child custody is never an easy one when having it between you and your former spouse or other parent of your child. It can be an even more difficult discussion when you have it with your child. Explaining shared custody is never easy. Aside from...

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