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What is osteomyelitis?

Osteomyelitis refers to a bone infection. Infections travel through nearby tissue or the bloodstream. After you suffer a serious bone or joint injury, you could be susceptible to a bone infection. While treatable, infections can kill the bone and lead to the removal...

Gray divorce usually isn’t a sudden decision

It is often assumed that people who have been married for decades will remain that way forever. What many people don't realize is that gray divorce is fairly common, but not because these individuals suddenly decide they aren't compatible. Oftentimes, the marriage has...

How do you plan on navigating your divorce at work?

While dissolving your marriage to your current spouse, you have several tasks to mark off your checklist. Have you decided how to handle the divorce at your workplace? To help, see what Fast Company says on the matter. Decide which details of your divorce you should...

Summer safety tips for solo motorcycle riders

As Kentucky moves into the summer months, riders are firing up their bikes and acknowledging the risk: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the chance of death after a crash with a motorcycle is 27 times greater than with an ordinary car....

What part does money play in your desire to divorce?

Perhaps you feel torn about deciding whether to remain in your marriage or call it quits. Maybe you feel you do not have a valid reason, or that the reasons you have are uncommon. If money plays a substantial part in your decision, are you alone in your concerns?...

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