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Did your crash fracture your skull?

Getting into a car crash will almost certainly guarantee you will have to deal with injuries in the aftermath. Head, neck and back injuries often make up the bulk of the most common ones, but skull fractures do not often rank high when people are thinking about the...

What constitutes a hit-and-run accident?

If you envision a hit-and-run, what do you see? Most people see might picture a car speeding through a stop sign, striking another and speeding off before the police arrive. While this is technically an example of a hit-and-run, it is not the only example. According...

Reviewing Kentucky’s dram shop law

It goes without saying that experiencing a car accident in Kentucky leaves you dealing with a great deal of frustration. That frustration may boil over into outright anger if and when you learn that the driver that caused your accident was under the influence at the...

3 common injuries from a fall

There is always a risk of injury from a fall, and some fall injuries can be severe. You may be at greater risk for a serious fall injury depending on your age and the height and direction from which you fall. Certain injuries are more likely from falls than others....

How can I avoid dog bites?

When dog owners are responsible, they enjoy constant companionship and affection. When dog owners are negligent, they put others at risk in the event their pet lashes out. According to Healthline, a serious dog bite can cause nerve damage, bacterial infection, bone...