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Dealing with rental properties in your divorce

Your family home is likely the largest jointly owned asset you and your spouse will be dealing with in your divorce. However, in addition to deciding what you’ll do with that, you may have a rental property to deal with. Whether you rent out the first condo you bought...

How does a high-conflict divorce affect children?

When you and your child’s other parent are prone to fighting with one another, your child may feel the effects of the tension. When a high level of contentiousness exists between you and your son or daughter’s mother or father, your child may experience emotional...

Why might a court invalidate your prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements can help people in unhappy marriages secure fast and cost-effective divorces. Taking the time to negotiate how you will divide your property or how much spousal support someone requires before you get married means you have fewer things left to...

Mediation may result in a less contentious divorce

More people are choosing alternatives to court litigation when it comes to divorce. Not only does a trial cost a lot of money, but it is also a long process, and it is usually stressful for both sides. Mediation is an alternative that allows both sides to have more...

How can you emotionally recover from divorce?

Divorce is rarely easy to navigate, even when you know it is in the best interests of you and your family. You are likely to feel many negative emotional effects, ranging from anger to sadness to confusion, and virtually every emotion in between. Because the emotional...

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