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Abusive relationships can cause post-divorce stress

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2022 | divorce, family law | 0 comments

Spousal abuse can be physically, mentally and financially difficult for the victim. Many believe that their life will immediately improve after they end a toxic marriage when, actually, divorce is just the first step to a better life. You may experience a recovery period after divorce that takes on different shapes.

Some people struggle with change after divorce, while others search for who they are. Abuse can change your sense of self and make you forget who you are. You may experience freedom from your abuse after a divorce, but there may be a shadow of the abuse still lingering. Here’s what you should know:

Spousal abuse has lasting effects

You may not be the same person today as you were before your marriage. Marriage is often a give-and-take situation. Some spouses take too much, causing their partners to lose part of who they once were.

You may need time to heal, emotionally. You may find yourself flinching at the touch of others. You may become easily startled by sudden noises. You may feel it’s safer to stay inside than face the outside world. These are all forms of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD that someone might experience after being physically abused.

PTSD can also occur because of mental abuse. You may feel you can no longer trust others.  You may no longer trust yourself, doubting your actions. You may struggle to find a relationship after an abusive relationship, fearing that it might happen again.

Therapy can help with post-divorce trauma. Whatever your situation, you should know your legal options when looking to leave an abusive spouse.

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