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College shutters flower shop after backlash from businesses

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | civil litigation | 0 comments

Western Kentucky University has decided to shutter its flower shop after failing to resolve complaints of unfair competition made by local flower shops, according to a news report. The complaints came from a group of flower shop owners in the area that said the school has an unfair advantage because it would be subsidized by a public entity.

The reactions to the news have been mixed on social media, with business owners lauding the decision and others expressing disappointment at the change. In a statement released by WKU, a representative of the school noted that efforts were made to address the concerns and questions of the group of flower shop owners in the area.

The statement also said that the school tried to find a solution that would keep the WKU flower shop open because it was being used as a learning laboratory for students. The idea was to create a public-private partnership with the other flower shops in the area but it wasn’t a good enough idea in the eyes of the shop owners. The group of owners come from nine flower shops that are located in Scottsville, Franklin and Bowling Green.

The statement went on to mention the $30 million budget shortfall that is facing the university as one of the reasons that it shuttered the flower shop. The school specifically mentioned that it did not want to get involved in a dispute with business owners in the area.

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Source: Bowling Green Daily News, “WKU officially closes floral shop following pressure from local florists,” May 05, 2018

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