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Tips for ensuring safety during a child custody exchange

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2018 | child custody | 0 comments

Protecting your children during all types of situations in life is important to parents everywhere. One of those situations includes when custody is exchanged between parents in Louisville, Kentucky. Custody exchanges can become heated and even dangerous when the parents do not get along with each other. Here are some important tips for you to follow to ensure the safety of all during a child custody exchange.

Make the exchange in public so that there are plenty of other people around you and the other parent, especially if the two of you constantly argue. You can pick a location at a library, a police station, a school, a firehouse or any other public location where you know there will be a lot of people present.

If you know the relationship between you and the other parent is weak, you should have a third party with you to help with the exchange. The third party can act as a mediator, can keep your child occupied while you talk to the other parent or can even make the exchange for you so you don’t have to speak to the other parent.

Another tip for making the custody exchange safe for all involved is to avoid attending the exchange. If you know you cannot see the other parent due to a restraining order or simply because it will upset you, there’s nothing wrong with having a friend, family member or teacher make the exchange for you.

Ensuring the safety of your child and yourself during a custody exchange is important. You have plenty of places to choose from in Louisville where you can make a safe custody exchange without any issues.

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