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What are common car accident injuries in Kentucky?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2018 | personal injury | 0 comments

When you get behind the wheel in Louisville, do you think about all the safety measures you should take? They might cross your mind, but do you really think about what you can do to prevent an accident? You need to begin considering all of the safety measures available to you when driving. If you don’t, you could find yourself injured in a car accident, which leads us to ask the question, what are common car accident injuries?

The most common car accident injuries involve the head and neck of the victim. Car crashes will cause the body to jolt forward, even with a seat belt on, and this could cause the victim to hit his or her head or suffer damage to his or her neck. Depending on how your vehicle is hit, your head could wind up hitting the driver side window.

Broken bones, also known as fractures, can also occur in car accidents. Victims of car accidents could very well suffer broken bones in the most minor of car accidents. There might not be much damage to your vehicle but you could wind up in a cast or brace due to a fracture.

Chest injuries can also occur in a car accident. These can be caused by hitting the dashboard, hitting the steering wheel or even if you suffer a heart attack when involved in a car accident. You could suffer a collapsed lung or broken ribs depending on what hits your chest.

Car accident injuries in Kentucky vary in severity. You could be involved in a very minor accident and still suffer a severe injury. It all depends on whether or not you were wearing your seat belt, the speed of your vehicle and even your overall health.

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