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How to gather information after a vehicle wreck

When two cars collide, it can result in disaster. At best, the people involved disrupt public utilities, such as one recent example in Kentucky where a crash resulted in damage to a Symsonia gas line. At worst, these collisions can result in serious injuries or...

What’s the job of a parenting coordinator?

Often, couples who go through high-conflict divorces have a difficult time co-parenting their children. Their personal disputes often spill over into disagreements about parenting -- even when you have a detailed child custody agreement and parenting plan in place....

What to do if someone causes your injury

An injury can occur when you least expect it. You may simply be walking through a parking lot or shopping for your groceries when you suddenly slip and fall, landing yourself in the hospital with a broken bone or other injuries. Some injuries are preventable. For...

New Kentucky law helps promote shared parenting

This April, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed a law passed earlier this year by state legislators that makes shared custody for divorced parents the norm. Under the law, which took effect last month, assuming that both parents are deemed to be fit, they will have...

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