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What to do if someone causes your injury

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An injury can occur when you least expect it. You may simply be walking through a parking lot or shopping for your groceries when you suddenly slip and fall, landing yourself in the hospital with a broken bone or other injuries.

Some injuries are preventable. For example, when a property owner does not follow the necessary steps and procedures to keep his or her property safe for those who use it, negligence may be a factor in your injury. The same applies to an impaired driver who causes a car crash. If you suffer an injury and believe someone else is at fault, you should know what steps to take if you wish to seek compensation for your injuries.

When to take action

An important consideration to keep in mind when debating whether to pursue legal action after a personal injury is the legal timeline your state requires you to follow. Every state has specific time limits known as statutes of limitations within which a plaintiff must file a personal injury claim with the courts. Although this legal time limit varies, it is important that you begin to take action as soon as possible to maximize the amount of time available to you to pursue your claim.

Defining your case

Each personal injury case is different, so it is important to define the circumstances around your case and see how those circumstances fit into your rights under the law. Negligence is a factor in many personal injury lawsuits, but it can be difficult to prove. Therefore, as you move forward in defining your case, be sure to keep accurate and organized documentation of all the elements in your situation. This includes medical visits and treatment for your injuries, as well as any financial losses you have suffered as a result of the injuries. For example, if you suffer injuries in a car crash, make sure you obtain the medical documentation of your treatment in the immediate aftermath of the crash, as well as subsequent follow-up visits.

If you suffer an injury as a result of another person’s negligence, whether due to distracted or drunken driving or simply not maintaining safe premises at a place you frequent, you have the right to seek compensation. Because personal injuries can cause significant financial hardship due to medical expenses and even lost wages due to time off work, it is in your best interest to pursue your legal options.

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