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What’s the job of a parenting coordinator?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2018 | family law | 0 comments

Often, couples who go through high-conflict divorces have a difficult time co-parenting their children. Their personal disputes often spill over into disagreements about parenting — even when you have a detailed child custody agreement and parenting plan in place.

Parenting coordinators can help parents resolve disputes and work together to focus on what’s best for their children. By working with a parenting coordinator, couples can often resolve their disagreements without having to return to court. These professionals can also give parents the tools they need to work out problems on their own in the future and to better communicate with one another.

In some high-conflict divorces, a custody order may mandate a parenting coordinator’s involvement. Sometimes, a parenting coordinator is given the authority by the court to make exceptions to a parenting plan, such as awarding more time to a parent who’s been shortchanged on their time by the other parent.

Parents can also choose to hire a parenting coordinator on their own to help them work together to co-parent in a positive manner. Kentucky has a number of people who have earned the designation Nationally Certified Parenting Coordinator (NCPC). Most have a background in family therapy.

If a court has required you and your co-parent to have a parenting coordinator, it’s understandable that you might feel somewhat resentful. However, it’s better to see this as an opportunity to work with a professional who can help you learn how to parent in your new family dynamic. If you have questions about what your parenting coordinator can and cannot do, your Kentucky family law attorney can provide more information.

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