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How to help children through a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2019 | family law | 0 comments

Divorce in Kentucky is never easy, but it is particularly difficult for children. When parents do not handle the process properly, it can be traumatic for the child and lead to long-term problems.

According to Good Therapy, there are other factors, besides the divorce itself, that can be traumatic for kids. These include the changes in economic status, seeing the parents less frequently, the frequent change from one household to another and seeing parents in new relationships.

One of the biggest reasons children have difficulties during the divorce process is they have a lack of support from their parents. Even though each one is going through their own emotional stress, it is important that both mom and dad are there for the kids.

During and after the divorce, it is imperative the parents avoid fighting or criticizing in front of the children. It is important to remain as a united front when it comes to issues involving the kids. Parents should try their best to split parenting time equally, and the child should be able to contact the other one at any time.

According to KidsHealth, providing routines and consistency can be very beneficial. This includes keeping custody schedules steady and having similar after-school routines at each parent’s house.

Parents should keep a close eye on how each child is coping. Changes in behavior, emotions, academic performance and attitudes indicate a potentially bigger problem. It may help to speak with their teachers and invest in therapy for the kids to prevent the issues from getting out of control.

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