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Two-vehicle Kentucky crash leaves 2 dead and 1 injured

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2019 | personal injury | 0 comments

Grief counselors were available to students and faculty of a Kentucky middle school after a seventh-grade student died in a truck accident. A flatbed truck reportedly crashed into the pickup in which he was a passenger after it crossed the center line. His father, who was driving the pickup, also died. His 10-year-old sister, also a passenger in the pickup, required hospitalization for injuries. Doctors expect her to survive.

Authorities have not filed charges against the driver of the flatbed. He is a young man who sustained no injury in the collision. Authorities believe that he had not been working at his job driving a truck for very long.

The accident occurred in Jackson County, between Annville and McKee, on a Friday night. For reasons that are not clear, the flatbed crossed the center line into the other lane where traffic was traveling in the opposite direction and struck the pickup head-on. The two children flew to a nearby hospital where the 13-year-old boy later died. Their 35-year-old father died at the scene.

Law enforcement continues to investigate the cause of the crash. The school district’s crisis response team was at the middle school where the boy who died was a student last week to provide emotional assistance to those who needed it. A written statement from the district described how his death impacted not only the school community but the entire county.

Truck accidents can be particularly devastating in terms of the serious injuries they can cause. Those suffering injury or loss because of a collision with a commercial truck may wish to speak with an attorney.

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