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Brain damage after a bicycle accident

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2020 | personal injury | 0 comments

Our firm realizes the many ways that bicycle accidents shatter lives for people. Sometimes, these accidents result in physical injuries that leave victims with a lot of pain, immobility and other consequences. However, we know that there are other hardships some victims have to endure in the wake of a crash. For example, many bicyclists hit their heads when they are struck by a vehicle, and some sustain serious brain damage that disrupts their life permanently. Moreover, some bicyclists sustain a brain injury without even realizing it, especially since the symptoms are not always present right away.

Even though wearing a helmet helps many bicyclists protect their heads, helmet use cannot prevent all head injuries from occuring and many bicyclists sustain brain trauma after they are struck by a vehicle even though they were wearing a helmet properly. Sometimes, bicyclists sustain a brain injury after their head hits the windshield of a vehicle, while others are thrown from their bikes and their head slams into the ground. Either way, this is very concerning.

Serious brain damage carries many repercussions, from an inability to work and problems in personal relationships to other disastrous consequences. However, even relatively minor brain damage disrupts the lives of victims in different ways. It is imperative for bicyclists who struck their head in an accident to get checked out, even if they do not think that they sustained an injury in the accident. On our site, we cover other topics related to bike accident injuries, so please feel free to spend more time on our website and look over your options.

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