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How risky is it to be near texting drivers?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2020 | personal injury | 0 comments

Drivers in Kentucky do not always follow safety laws. While many campaigns highlight the danger of texting while driving, this does not stop everyone. Unfortunately, the drivers engaging in this behavior make the road more dangerous.

Driving around other people who are texting or distracted by devices is a huge risk. It also does not matter where you are in relation to the other driver. They have the potential to harm any other cars in their area. They can sideswipe cars in other lanes if they begin to drift. If they brake without warning, cars from behind can crash into them.

But the biggest risk is to people who drive in front of them. A distracted driver is looking down at their device at the time of a crash. They may not look up in time to brake before hitting the car in front of them. In other cases, they do not look up at all, resulting in them rear-ending another driver at full speed. This has the potential to cause catastrophic damage to the vehicle in front, as well as themselves.

Distracted drivers are difficult to predict as well. Their behaviors and actions are both erratic. It is best for other drivers to avoid being anywhere near people who seem to be on their phone.

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