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Louisville couple sues neighbor, HOA over vandalism, threats

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2020 | HOA | 0 comments

Most everyone has had problems with neighbors at one point or another. However, one Louisville family who says they have been the target of vandalism, threats and racial slurs is taking legal action.

The family, who lives in the Lake Forest area of east Louisville, says the problems started about a year ago, soon after they moved into the upscale neighborhood. One of their children reported that a neighborhood child had called her and her siblings a racial slur. The couple says that earlier this year, a neighbor threatened to hit one of their children with her car.

The couple also has surveillance video of the neighbor vandalizing their property. They say that a swastika and racial slur were painted on their driveway.

The couple contacted the homeowners’ association. However, they say that the president of the HOA took no action. The wife says, “I spoke to him myself and tried to show him the video that we had, and he refused to watch it.”

They also called the Louisville Metro Police, which has charged the neighbor with harassing communications and criminal mischief.

The couple is also filing a lawsuit against the neighbor and the HOA. The lawsuit describes the neighbor’s actions as a hate crime. It claims that the HOA did nothing to help the family. According to their attorney, the HOA “had direct knowledge of the harassment going on for a very long time, and they failed to take steps to protect this family and to stop that harassment….”

Civil litigation can be an option in addition to criminal action to help victims of wrongdoing seek justice and compensation for economic damages as well as non-economic damages like pain and suffering and emotional distress. An experienced attorney can provide valuable guidance if you’re contemplating such action.

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