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File for an EPO immediately to keep yourself safe

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2020 | family law | 0 comments

Protective orders come with nuances, and each type involves a court order against someone on the behalf of a victim of violence, stalking or other harmful behavior.

Unfortunately, the Kentucky legal system is a slow beast. Lawsuits and divorces can last for months as all parties involved take the time necessary to seek justice in a case. But safety requires immediate attention. To facilitate a rapid response, each order has particular requirements to issue immediately.

Kentucky emergency protective orders

According to The Center for Women and Families, EPOs are free to file but require you to prove domestic violence. Signs of physical injury, sexual assault, sexual abuse or the clear and documented threat of these all count when Kentucky considers granting these orders.

An EPO is temporary but begins the process leading to a full hearing within 14 days of the order. The hearing to determine a longer order requires serving the request to the respondent. In the event the court does not serve the respondent in time, extensions up to six months may keep you under the EPOs protections.

EPO effects

Not all EPOs are the same. Depending on the case, a judge can order many protection requirements on the petitioner or against the respondent including:

  • Having no contact
  • Staying at specific distances from people or places
  • Receiving temporary custody

When thinking about an EPO, remember their purpose. These orders are not a criminal charge and aim to prevent future instances of violence. You deserve safety and peace of mind, but when those are at risk you at least deserve immediate protection.

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