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What are some signs of custodial interference?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | child custody | 0 comments

When co-parenting, you may encounter problems if your ex-spouse is intentionally limiting your contact with your child.

Although some kinds of interference are legal in the event the child is in danger, cases of custodial interference that come from malicious intent are detrimental to you and your child’s relationship. Knowing the signs of this phenomenon can help you take steps to stop it.

Interrupting scheduled visits

Many co-parents depend on regular visits with their children in order to build healthy relationships. When your ex-spouse decides to withhold important information or drop the child off late for visits, it can hurt this relationship.

This type of interference includes unscheduled appearances during your time with your child that are not included in the parental plan you both agreed upon. The purpose of these visits may be to intimidate you, as well as limit the private time between you and your child.

Preventing communication

Forbidding your child to communicate with you or to talk to you, even through devices like cell phones or the internet, is another way he or she is interfering with your lawful scheduled time together. Your ex-spouse limiting your child’s contact actively harms your relationship with your child, and falls under the definition of interference.

Refusing to cooperate

Someone failing to talk frankly or directly even when confronted about problem may be a sign of a bigger issue. If it is tough to have important conversations with your ex-spouse about your child, take note of how often it occurs.

Although this can depend on many factors, it is a warning sign for how willing he or she is to communicate and share custody with you.

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