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How can you tell your children about your divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | family law | 0 comments

After making the decision to divorce, you may feel hesitant about talking to your children about what comes next.

Being respectful and direct can ease your children’s minds and help steer the conversation toward a positive conclusion.

Keep it simple

According to Psychology Today, many parents struggle to explain this situation in a child-appropriate way. In order to keep from confusing or scaring your children, make sure to not dive too deeply into details about you and your ex-spouse’s marriage. Give a concise and respectful explanation that takes into account how old or mature your children are.

Give them reassurance

After learning about their parents’ divorce, children may blame themselves for somehow causing problems within their family that may have led to this change. Reassure them that you and your ex-spouse were the only people involved in the decision and that you both still love them.

Beyond talking about any worries your children may have, you can also show your love in other ways. Spending even more time together than usual can help calm those worries in older children. Giving out extra hugs and other signs of physical affection often helps reassure younger children.

Allow them to ask questions

Another way to show your support is to open up a dialogue in case they have more questions. Some children may act out or even appear very subdued after learning about this news. By being open and honest, you can encourage them to work through any fears. Divorce can be a scary topic for children, but you have skills at your disposal that can help them feel better.

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