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Did your crash fracture your skull?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2021 | blog, personal injury | 0 comments

Getting into a car crash will almost certainly guarantee you will have to deal with injuries in the aftermath. Head, neck and back injuries often make up the bulk of the most common ones, but skull fractures do not often rank high when people are thinking about the dangers they need to watch out for.

How common are skull fractures? And what should you know about the signs that could indicate one?

When do skull fractures happen?

Merck Manual takes a look at skull fractures, including where they come from and how they impact victims. First, skull fractures occur when you take a concussive blow to the head with enough pressure to break or split the bone. This can easily happen in a crash, especially if you end up thrown from the car.

Skull fractures can have a long-lasting impact on the health of victims, too. The neurological symptoms will often occur right away and can include seizures, repeated vomiting, and an inability to recognize surroundings or individuals. Victims can also experience excruciating head pain and migraine-like headaches which worsen over time. Partial or full paralysis of some or all limbs – or even the entire body – may also occur.

Untreated fractures lead to health problems

If left untreated, the brain could suffer from bleeding, puncture wounds or even concussive damage which can result in brain swelling and a loss of blood and oxygen circulation. This in turn may lead to permanent brain damage.

Thus, if you notice signs that may indicate a fractured skull or related brain damage, you should seek immediate medical aid for the victim in question. This can help them avoid the longer-term repercussions.

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