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How will you know it is time for a divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | family law | 0 comments

Most people enter into marriage with lots of hope for the future. However, problems can arise between couples over time, and these problems can eventually lead to the end of a marriage.

Not all problems mean that the only solution is divorce, but couples should know the signs of an impending divorce, so they can take the proper steps to end or save the marriage. Here are a few common signs to look out for.

Affairs and infidelity

Affairs do not always mean the end of a marriage. If both parties commit to working through the issue and agree to go to therapy, infidelity is not always insurmountable. Problems arise when the partner involved in the affair refuses to stop. While infidelity is ongoing, there is no way to rebuild trust between the couple.

Untreated drug or alcohol addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is disruptive to multiple areas of a person’s life, from financial problems to basic stability. Like infidelity, couples can overcome addiction issues and mend their union. However, they require professional help to ensure the spouse struggling with addiction stops using and moves forward in a healthy manner.

Financial issues

While most couples unite their finances when married, both parties must still have financial autonomy. Withholding money or requiring their spouse to receive an allowance is actually a form of abuse. The spouse in charge of the finances is exerting control over their partner, which has the same effect as other forms of abuse. It also prevents the abused spouse from asserting themselves.

Lack of communication

Good communication is at the heart of all healthy relationships. No matter what problem occurs, communication can help spouses work through it. If you or your partner are unwilling to talk through issues and seek assistance from a counselor if needed, divorce is likely to occur.

While it is usually emotionally trying, divorce is the right option for many couples. By ending the marriage, you reduce conflict and allow yourself to move forward in a healthy and hopeful way.

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