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Negotiation provides an expedited divorce away from the courtroom

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | blog, divorce | 0 comments

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, you are probably not looking forward to expensive and possibly lengthy litigation.

Other options are available. For example, if the two of you wish to expedite the process, you might consider negotiation.

Advantages of negotiation

Couples who want to preserve as much money as possible prefer to engage in negotiating their divorce settlement agreement. To begin with, they have control over the outcome and do not have to abide by the decisions of a judge. In addition to being less expensive than litigation, this process takes less time. A negotiated divorce is also private, which many couples prefer over public scrutiny in a courtroom.

Financial security

Financial security in the post-divorce era is of primary importance. Property division will be a major focus in terms of negotiation. There will be less money coming in and probably more going out than there was during your marriage. Financial independence is a fine thing, but you need to understand what to expect. Keep in mind that you may have to downsize and live on a reduced budget. Prepare for property division by examining your finances.

Children’s needs

If you have children, you and the other parent will have many decisions to make concerning their welfare and how you intend to continue raising and spending time with them. However, the decisions you make now will likely keep you from having to go to court in the future to modify your child custody agreement.

Successful negotiations

Speed, economy and the opportunity to control the outcome are powerful reasons to opt for negotiating your divorce rather than settling for litigation. There are so many elements to address and so many issues to work out that when choosing a divorce process, simpler is better.

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