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Modifying a child support order in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2021 | blog, family law | 0 comments

Once you have a child support order in place in Kentucky, you must go through a certain process if you want to ask for a modification to the amount paid or received. All initial child support orders undergo calculation using the state’s predetermined child support guidelines. However, certain situations may arise at some point that may warrant a change to your existing child support order.

If you want to request a change to your current child support order, you need to take a specific series of steps.

Requesting a child support modification

The first step in requesting a child support modification in Kentucky involves asking your local child support office to review your case and situation. Expect to have to produce documentation about your earnings and expenses. More specifically, you may need to secure tax returns, pay stubs or similar evidence of income changes. You may also need to furnish health insurance paperwork, daycare receipts or similar forms of documentation during this time.

Understanding “substantial and continuing change”

Another factor that determines if you get a child support modification is whether a “substantial and continuing change in circumstances” has taken place. To get a modification, you must show that such a change would result in a modification to your existing child support order by 15% or more, given Kentucky’s current child support guidelines.

Once you initiate a child support modification case, the paying parent must continue to pay the original amount agreed upon until a court order formally changes it.

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