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Is it rude to sit in the back of a rideshare vehicle?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | personal injury | 0 comments

If you use Uber, Lyft or another rideshare service, you undoubtedly love the convenience that comes with having someone else drive. Still, because private individuals own these vehicles, it is not uncommon to have some awkward interactions. You should not worry about where to sit, though.

Most rideshare services advise passengers to sit in the backseat. Not only does sitting in the rear of the vehicle keep your rider rating high, but it also may minimize your injury risk. After all, according to reporting from Business Insider, the backseat is the safest place in most modern cars, trucks and SUVs.

Wear your seat belt

Despite what Hollywood would have you believe, it is never acceptable to ride in a motor vehicle without wearing your seat belt. This is true regardless of whether you are in a limousine, sports car or family sedan. Even if the driver does not ask you to buckle up, you should always reach for the seat belt before the car begins to move.

Keep an eye on the driver

Because they are not technically professional drivers, rideshare drivers may engage in unsafe driving behaviors, such as texting or speeding. By sitting in the back of the vehicle, you can keep a close eye on the driver. If the driver is endangering you or others, it is ok to ask him or her to stop so you can exit the vehicle.

Take advantage of the back window

When you reach your destination, your driver should pull over in a safe spot. If you must step out into oncoming traffic, the backseat gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the rear window. That is, you can look through the window to make sure you can safely step out of the vehicle.

Ultimately, because the backseat of ride-hailing vehicles offers you the most protection, it is not rude to sit there.

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