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Questions worth asking before hiring a security guard

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2022 | personal injury | 0 comments

We live in a world where safety is never a guarantee. Even in the office, we are not immune from individuals with ill intent.

It is incumbent on employers to reduce the odds of intruders harming workers. Hiring an onsite security service is part of the solution. Ask savvy questions when choosing a company. The answers you receive will help you determine its effectiveness. Choosing the right one should help decrease the risk of a personal injury tragedy.

Are you a local business or a national chain?

Choose a regional company rather than one operating throughout the country. For one, these companies tend to offer better service. Also, you’re more likely to reach owners of independent ventures when problems arise.

Does your company have insurance?

Reputable security operations provide proof of insurance without hesitation. Look for another if this query elicits pushback. Examine the agreement for how much it is worth. Generally speaking, a million dollars is enough to help you through after an incident.

Will your business accommodate our needs?

Before signing a contract, make sure the security company can meet your requirements. Guards should always be available during hours when your office is open. This includes holidays when your enterprise does not shut down. Think about price, too. Avoid hiring an outfit you cannot afford.

What training do you give your guards?

Security officers need instruction on how to perform their duties. Without guidance, they are likely to make costly mistakes. States have unique mandates for office guards. Those you hire must meet these minimums or get training that goes beyond them.

Having security can mean the difference between a frightening incident and disaster. Select a reputable organization to protect employees from dangers that may come through your door.

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