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What may families do if a nursing home neglects a loved one?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | personal injury | 0 comments

When visiting a nursing home or residential care facility, visible signs may reveal whether the staff has neglected a loved one’s needs. As reported by WHAS-TV, an investigation of Kentucky nursing homes uncovered several in violation of federal requirements.

Employee or staff shortages, for example, may result in residents not receiving proper medical care and attention. Left without assistance, vulnerable adults may not eat or take their medications. Residents might also begin to harm or harass each other.

Signs of ignored or neglected residents

By spending time with a loved one in a care facility, you may notice signs of staffing problems. If you interact with impolite or disrespectful staff members, you may have reason to believe they treat residents the same way.

Ignored calls for assistance may provide an idea of how soon the staff responds to its residents. Strong odors, for example, may indicate that clothes or bed sheets do not get changed when they should. Having lunch with a relative may provide clues about how the kitchen staff prepares food. Distasteful items may provide hints of neglect.

Abuse or neglect may require a legal action

As noted by the National Institute on Aging, elder abuse harms individuals physically and emotionally. Signs that a staff member has physically injured a resident could include cuts or bruises.

Symptoms of emotional abuse may include a loved one losing interest in activities he or she once enjoyed. Agitation or a sudden withdrawal may uncover hidden emotional abuse. Soiled clothes and weight loss may also reveal that a loved one has experienced neglect or abuse from a caregiver.

Families may file a legal action when mistreatment results in serious bodily injury or a loss. If you need to remove or transfer a resident to a new facility, holding neglectful staff accountable for their misconduct may help.

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