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What should you know about civil trials?

In most cases where you face the possibility of a civil lawsuit, the case itself will never actually make it to trial. Most of these matters end up settled outside of court due to the fact that it saves time, money and airing your personal business. However, if you...

Is divorce the right decision for you?

The decision to divorce your spouse could have a long-term impact on your life. Your family, your children and even mutual friends may feel the collateral effects of your changing relationship. Considering the weight of such a decision, you probably want to feel...

Did your crash fracture your skull?

Getting into a car crash will almost certainly guarantee you will have to deal with injuries in the aftermath. Head, neck and back injuries often make up the bulk of the most common ones, but skull fractures do not often rank high when people are thinking about the...

Weathering the storm: Finances after divorce

Coming away from divorce allows people the opportunity to reassess their life and regain independence. It also means taking responsibility for financial obligations and an adjustment to managing everything alone. Because divorce impacts finances, spending cautiously...

Is it time to review your child support order?

If you are a divorced parent, you know how quickly life can change. While your original child support order may have worked in the beginning, your children’s needs are sure to evolve as they grow. Over time, you may find yourself trying to do more with less. From a...